Our Story

In June of 1996 that spoken Word came to life as Evangelist George Bloomer pitched a tent on the grassy lot of Liberty Street, where would begin a 30-day old-fashioned Holy Ghost Crusade. Amidst much controversy, the enemy fought with a vengeance to abort in the womb God's gift of life and destiny - the church.

This first tent meeting drew national attention as some city officials demanded the Crusade to cease and the tent to come down; but God said stay and the man of God would not be moved. The June 13, 1996 edition of the Herald-Sun read, "Housing Authority Says Preacher Must Go; Revivalist: Only handcuffs will move him." The battle was fought, the ministry prevailed and Bethel Family Worship Center began subsequent to the 30-day tent revival's completion. The first service began on Sunday morning in the T. Q. Business Complex on Corcoran Street, downtown Durham.

The church would soon find out, however, that the battle was not yet over. As the church outgrew the business complex and attempted to move onto Dowd Street, we were again met with controversy. Nevertheless, the saints continued to pray and the man of God remained steadfast.

Years later, our Founder has grown from Evangelist, to Pastor, to now Bishop George Bloomer, the overseer of more than 83 churches internationally and a thriving local ministry in the form of Bethel Family Worship Center - the church on Dowd Street.

Bethel Family Worship Center was birthed out of warfare and today continues to serve the Lord as a place for people to come hear the uncompromised Word of God and be set free! Bethel's desire is to reach the heart and save the soul.

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together at 10 am.