When Loving You is Wrong by George G. Bloomer (Aug 1997)
The Witching Craft: Exposing the Subtlety of Satan by George Bloomer (Feb 1999)
This is War by George G. Bloomer (Aug 2001)
Crazy House Sane House by George G. Bloomer (Feb 2002)
Empowered From Above by George Bloomer (Oct 25, 2002)
The Little Boy in Me: Becoming the Man God Intended by George G. Bloomer (Oct 2000)
Oppressionless by George Bloomer (Dec 2000)
The Battle Plan: Strategies for Engaging in Spiritual Warfare by George G. Bloomer (Jun 2003)
Throw Off What Holds You Back: Defeat obstacles that block your spiritual freedom by George Bloomer (Oct 8, 2003) 
Spiritual Warfare by George Bloomer (Jan 1, 2004) 
Looking For Love w/CD by BLOOMER GEORGE (Jun 1, 2004) 
More of Him: Receiving the Power of the Holy Spirit [With CD] by George G. Bloomer (Jul 31, 2006) 
Authority Abusers (New And Expanded) by BLOOMER GEORGE (Feb 26, 2008) 
Love Dating And Marriage by George Bloomer (Aug 28, 2008) 
Wisdom Walk by George Bloomer (May 1, 2012)