As a ministry commissioned by God to go out into the highways and hedges and compel men and women to Christ, Bethel Family Worship Center is committed to upholding the mandate that the Lord has endowed upon us as a people and body of believers.

Enlightening the believer, converting the non-believer and enhancing the lives of both, the confrontational deliverance ministry that rests upon Bethel continually strives to maintain an ear to hear the voice of God that He might be glorified.

Our desire is for lives to be changed by His Word, and for the people of God to become effective and empowered through faith.

When Christ is lifted, men and women, are drawn to His Word. Bethel seeks to present the Word of God, to reach the hearts of the people, save souls and set the captives free! Provoke your faith and possess His power, in Jesus' name!